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Race issues

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress 2000 Summary - 16% of African Americans, 17% of Latino, 38% of Asian Americans and 28% of Caucasions take Algebra in 8th grade. What is up with these numbers? National Assessment of Educational Progress 2000 Summary Data Tables-Student Data Tables, Washington, D.C.: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education 2001 via

Laura Z. Newman

Are we teaching Algebra I too early? I tutor many many students and find they never grasped Algebra I in 8th grade, but get it in 9th or 10th. My tutees complain there is no context for them - they don't see how Algebra I works in their world. Of course I only tutor the ones who are struggling ~ Laura

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George Warriner

Hi Laura,

I don't know if it is too early...some don't "get it" until college. But I think you hit on something with the context. I helped teach a group of low achieving/low expectation 8th graders (mostly D's and F's). We gave them graphing calculators and put everyting into context - geometry or money or something. They all compared well to the traditional Algebra 8th graders. So yesh - I think context is definitely the key.

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I can tell you from experience, Algebra is not pushed for minorities such as African American and Latino... Those students are defintely left behind in the catorgory of math and science...

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