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Discussion - freeware

i found this application to be a bit tedious to navigate. i think that someone with limited tech expertise may get confused. the set-up of the program alone made it quite challenging to locate options/menus. overall, i would recommend this site to anyone who uses flashcards. as a world language educator, this is an integral part of many lessons. it has the capability to either pull from already established vocab categories, or create your own custom cards. you had the option to use words, images and even sounds. this is something that i plan to explore further. this site could be an option for students to use at home to reinforce vocab. i believe you can also create sets of flashcards that your students can access. this option would be great to pair with the voice recording. your students could see a word, its image and hear you pronouncing it to prepare for a project/test/quiz/activity in school. this would help to tailor vocab lists that can sometimes be too vast for your needs.

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