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Child Sense

In this book, the author will help you understand how your child interacts with the world. She begins with the basis that every child has their own dominant sensory interface with the world. A child may be very sensitive to touch, sound, sight, and a few are uncommonly sensitive to all external stimuli, especially taste and smell. Using this principal sensitivity affects how your child will learn, behave, and communicate from the day they are born. By knowing what your particular dominant sense is, and then determining your childs dominant sense, you will be able to find a common ground and create a closer relationship to become much closer to your child. You can use this book to take a comprehensive sensory test to determine your childs and your own dominant sense. It will also help you to understand how sensory overload affects them from infancy to age five. Learn how and why your childs sensory personality will shape the way they instinctively react to new experiences and help your child thrive in the outside world!



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