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Could It Be Autism

The number of children affected by autism is growing larger every day. Autism is an all encompassing term for a wide range of disorders that include classic autism, Asperger's syndrome, and Rett syndrome. Developmental problems can be recognized in infants as young as four months old, and this book provides information so you can recognize the red vital flags and begin treatment based on those first signs. As the mother of a child who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, the author uses her own experiences and the most current research to provide real strategies and emphasizes warning signs as she describes the most important milestones at each stage of a child's growth, including things parents and pediatricians often overlook. She also tells parents to act on their instincts or concerns, instead of the wait and see, which is often encouraged, and also explains the steps parents can take to confirm or rule out a developmental delay or disorder. The book details a variety of diagnoses and shows, in some cases, where multiple diagnoses may apply. Different treatments and therapies are outlined so parents can explore and understand what may work best for their child, based on his or her particular strengths and weaknesses. This book is about helping parents so that they can know where their child is developmentally, and give them what they need to have the best life possible.



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