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Freeing Our Families From Perfectionism

Perfectionism is believing that by doing something perfectly, other people will admire and accept us, but if we cant, well never be good enough. Being perfect is not about doing our best, and is a burden that can be painful and debilitating. Personal relationships become strained, intimacy is elusive, work may seem overwhelming, and physical exhaustion is common. By being parents, we naturally influence our childrens emotional development. Unfortunately, our own attitudes about love, success, acceptance and failure can create an atmosphere that promotes perfectionism. However, we can make positive changes that will enrich our childrens lives, and our own. In this pioneering book, Tom Greenspon explains perfectionism, where it comes from (including influences outside the family), and what to do about it. He describes a healing process for transforming perfectionism into healthy living practices and self-acceptance. If you think your child may be a perfectionistif youve ever wondered if youre a perfectionistthis book is for you. Pages: 128



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