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Just Kidding

In this companion book to My Secret Bully (Tricycle, 2005) Tracy Ludwig addresses the topic of teasing. D.J. is getting tired of Vince's mean-spirited comments at school. Vince knows which buttons to push, by using the 'I was just kidding' defense. Unsure how to handle the situation, D.J. talks with his father and his teacher and learns a few strategies to help deal with the putdowns. More importantly, he realizes that he isn't the problem and that he hasn't done anything to deserve Vince's taunts. This frank and believable story will help youngsters to distinguish between good-natured teasing and the destructive variety, empowering them by providing options they can use when faced with bullying. Author: Tracy Ludwig Pages: 32

$17.95 SALE $14.00


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