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The Bilingual Student

Public Group Javier - April 14, 2007

The group's philosophy is to share ideas, strategies and methodologies in the development of learning in the bilingual student.

Dell Coupon code

Public Group lapowrence - May 30, 2011

I really like it when adepts actually spend the time with Dell Laptop Coupons. They expect to discover gold with this although so, "Practice makes perfect." You're up against close deadline. I don't squander it on a sphere of activity if that was this cool.

Ocean Ave Elementary Professional Learning Community

Private Group Mrs Grezner - December 21, 2009

This group is currently private and intended for the use of the staff at Ocean Ave Elementary in NJ as a professional learning community.

Fascinating Science

Public Group Fascinating Science - May 3, 2007 The real
beauty of Fascinating Science is that it flips the learning process. Instead
of forcing kids to read boring texts with occasional illustrations, I use illustrations
as the primary tool with text, in form of attached audio files, to explain
the illustrations. Learning becomes effortless because Fascinating Science uses
tools that kids are already familiar with, namely, visual-based, or if you will,
right hemispheric learning. The substance of Fascinating Science is how atoms bond to each other (ionic,
covalent, hydrogen, metallic, van der Waal bonds) and why the type of bond determines
everything: crystals, alloys, acidity, surface tension, density, buoyancy, heat
conduction, air pressure, ice formation, steam engines, hydraulics, ocean circulation,
weather, aeronautics, plate tectonics, organic compounds, carbohydrates, lipids,
proteins, cellular biology, photosynthesis, electromagnetic radiation, nuclear
power, and the life and death of stars.


Public Group Neuroflexyn - February 10, 2015

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HS Geometry

Public Group HS Geometry - March 27, 2007

Here's where to provide a short description of your Group's mission for the benefit of the TeachAde community.

Kindergarten Art

Public Group Kindergarten Art - March 14, 2007

Kindergarten Art Resources & Educators Group.

Cadre XII

Public Group Jeff_B - May 8, 2007

Mind the Gap


Public Group Pre-K ELA - March 14, 2007

Pre-K ELA Resources & Educators Group.

High School Technology

Public Group High School Technology - March 14, 2007

High School Tech Resources

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