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Private Group heathlmarkley - March 21, 2013

Group for testing the site

USC Rossicer School of Education Gifted Educators

Private Group ElizabethMandel - February 20, 2010

Alumni focused on gifted education

free vector graphics

Public Group Boechusk bookiee - November 3, 2012

free vector graphics

Wisconsin Charter Schools

Public Group George Warriner - August 29, 2006

This group will be for educators that are creating and/or teaching in public charter schools in Wisconsin - or beyond. Please feel free to join in the discussions

MRKVIDEO's bulletin board

Public Group MRKVIDEO - September 22, 2007

This is where I post my thoughts and teaching experiences.

Space Cadets

Public Group ddaddozio - October 17, 2006

We are teachers and graduate students collaborating on a webquest that explores the universe. Our concentration is on how objects move through space and the relationship between the Earth, Sun, and Moon.

HS Music Projects, USA to ?

Public Group DanielLong - March 14, 2007

We would like to join with other Music Departments in a collaborative way to create. We are exploring the latest technologies and different ways to use them to link with other schools, in other countries and other states. Cultural and music exchanges are a great start!

Social Informatics

Public Group Godejord - January 7, 2009

A group dedicated to social issues of computing

Brain Based Learning & Teaching

Public Group Annette Gregorio - October 14, 2013

Fundamental Concepts in Brain-Based Teaching
Brain-based research has resulted in several principles of learning that form the underlying principles of brain-based educational practices. We now know that all learning is mind-body, and attention cycles, movement, food, and chemicals all impact on learning. People learn best in a social setting, and as they seek out meaning they use their emotions to form patterns, pay attention, and remember material. The brain stores information in several areas, and this information can be accessed through multiple pathways. In addition, the brain can carry out a number of activities simultaneously.

Incorporating Newer Educational Concepts
The classroom of today is different from the classroom of several years ago. Students now learn in cooperative groups, and they are given problems to work on. Teachers attempt to give students practical simulations that mimic real life, therefore making the learning experience more meaningful. In addition, educators take into consideration multiple intelligences, recognizing that although some are visual learners, others may do better with educational experiences that play into intelligences such as interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic (movement), linguistic, logical, musical, and naturalistic. Experiential learning, in which the learning is initiated by the student and is relevant to his or her life, is also used in the classroom. All of these methods are based on our current understanding of how the brain functions and learns. (Penn, nd)

By: Sharon Penn (

Chris Kriag

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