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Teaching Abroad

Public Group ilanos - July 5, 2006

Sharing ideas and stories on experiences that you had teaching students in different countries.

Kindergarten Math

Public Group Kindergarten Math - January 22, 2007

KG Math Resources and Educators Group.

john sena

Public Group john sena - February 12, 2016 is known as the top limo service in the greater Austin area. Corporate events, sporting events or special occasions.

Public Relation Services

Public Group fullscalemedia - February 15, 2016

Full Scale Media is a Public Relation & Social Media firm in NYC. FSM specialize in media placement, press coverage, press releases, and social media management. It offers various PR services such as Tech PR, Lifestyle PR, Digital PR, Health & Wellness PR, Entertainment PR, Beauty PR, Boutique PR, & Hospitality PR. Full Scale Media has vast experience in social media marketing across several platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & more.

High School Art

Public Group High School Art - March 14, 2007

High School Art Resources & Educators.

FIDS Build Files

Private Group Michael Pearce - December 17, 2008

Working Files For FIDS BOD

School Psychology

Public Group Vicki - April 27, 2007

Here's where to provide a short description of your Group's mission for the benefit of the TeachAde community.

NSD Ed Tech

Private Group bguglielmi - March 13, 2007

Group dealing with Instructional Technology for the Neshaminy School District

Brain Based Learning & Teaching

Public Group Annette Gregorio - October 14, 2013

Fundamental Concepts in Brain-Based Teaching
Brain-based research has resulted in several principles of learning that form the underlying principles of brain-based educational practices. We now know that all learning is mind-body, and attention cycles, movement, food, and chemicals all impact on learning. People learn best in a social setting, and as they seek out meaning they use their emotions to form patterns, pay attention, and remember material. The brain stores information in several areas, and this information can be accessed through multiple pathways. In addition, the brain can carry out a number of activities simultaneously.

Incorporating Newer Educational Concepts
The classroom of today is different from the classroom of several years ago. Students now learn in cooperative groups, and they are given problems to work on. Teachers attempt to give students practical simulations that mimic real life, therefore making the learning experience more meaningful. In addition, educators take into consideration multiple intelligences, recognizing that although some are visual learners, others may do better with educational experiences that play into intelligences such as interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic (movement), linguistic, logical, musical, and naturalistic. Experiential learning, in which the learning is initiated by the student and is relevant to his or her life, is also used in the classroom. All of these methods are based on our current understanding of how the brain functions and learns. (Penn, nd)

By: Sharon Penn (

NJAET Learning Community

Public Group Laura Zieger - October 9, 2006

In this hands-on workshop, participants will become familiar with the latest in online technology that allows for interactive sharing and authoring of curriculum, virtual communities, and information access that enhances teaching and supports professional development. The workshop will first focus on the identification of emerging models and trends in the development of Web-based learning environments(WBLE) for learning communities. Participants will then be introduced to teachade, a free online learning community for educators including K-12 teachers, college professors, and media specialists. Workshop participants will become familiar with several tools, including threaded discussions, synchronous discussions...

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