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It was a trap

When subbing recently I was reading these questions to this little boy and I found myself changing the tone of my voice when I read a correct answer. When I noticed he was waiting for me to give him the next cue I felt pretty dumb. Failure is how we learn. I mean everyone, not just students. Sometimes we learn more by observing where the students aren’t making connections. Constantly preventing them from falling so to speak won’t keep them from ever scrapping their knees. The point is to create the curiosity to find the answer. Frustration can be redirected but giving the answer for fear that a student might give up is ludicrous. Making sure that students understand that these things happen, we all fail is essential. This is a part of the trusting atmosphere that I will need to create. I won’t leave anyone behind who is having trouble; little strides towards the goal with positive reinforcement will go a long way!

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